Where’s it buried? Pipe and cable locating.

Perhaps you’re thinking about adding an addition or an outbuilding, paving part of your property or even planting a tree. Using the latest technology, we can locate the water supply and sanitary drainage pipes, storm drainage pipes, electrical cables, and gas supply pipes that are buried on your property. Buildings and houses, especially when they’re [...]

We install, repair and maintain heating and cooling systems

What needs to be circulated around homes and buildings in order to maintain the services and comfort level that modern people demand? Not just water and natural gas, but heat as well. The skills and knowledge needed to provide heating and cooling services, especially through pipe and duct-based distribution systems, are similar or identical to [...]

First and foremost, we’re professional plumbers

Smart Flow Plumbing offers quite a few plumbing related services. However, at the foundation are the traditional skills of our professional plumbers. We work with hot and cold water supply pipes and fixtures, with hot water and steam heating systems, with natural gas supply pipes and with drainage pipes. We can install new or replacement [...]

Comprehensive Roof Inspections and Reports

When ancient people searched for shelter, their first priority was to put a roof over their heads. Roofs are in many ways the most important, fundamental part of our buildings, yet they’re often neglected.  Out of sight, out of mind!. Smart Flow plumbing can perform comprehensive roof surveys and provide professional, easy to understand, illustrated [...]

Got a blocked drain or a water leak? Call Us FIRST!

Pipes are one of the hidden secrets that drive the modern world. What would we do without our easily accessible supplies of water and natural gas, and the ability to effortlessly drain away the waste products? We don’t think about our plumbing much, normally. Most of it is buried in walls and ceilings, and in [...]

Water Jetting: Absolute magic for drain repair and maintenance!

It’s not hard to understand why a stream of high pressure water is useful for drain repair and maintenance. Drains – whether they’re sanitary drains or storm drains – carry a lot more than just water, and they can easily become fully or partially blocked. At Smart Flow Plumbing, we use jetting for two purposes: [...]

CCTV Inspections…security for your drains!

You may think of CCTV as a type of modern security technology. For example, a CCTV camera can help to monitor your premises, or it can help the police to monitor the streets. Did you know that CCTV technology can also provide security for your drainage system? Smart Flow Plumbing has tiny CCTV cameras that [...]

Non-Destructive Leak Detection

Water and drainage pipes are usually buried in walls and floors and covered with plasterboard, plywood and other finish materials. Every owner of a home or commercial building feels their heart fall when they see evidence of a plumbing leak and the source isn’t obvious. Water from a leak can run along pipes and through [...]

Non-destructive Drain Inspections Melbourne

CCTV (closed circuit television) is well known for its use in public areas, to deter crime and to catch speeders. However, a CCTV camera is simply a video camera that sends an encoded, digital signal to a screen, computer or recording device. CCTV cameras have many uses, and one of them is to diagnose problems [...]

Help For Blocked Drains is Just a Phone Call Away!

Whether you’re located in Melbourne or out in the suburbs, you can call Smart Flow Plumbing for assistance in diagnosing and fixing problems with drainage. We work with both sanitary sewerage pipes and water drains, and we can quickly and professionally locate and repair problems with the piping. Blocked storm drains can cause chronic flooding. [...]

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