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Some types of property damage are covered by building insurance, but in order to make a claim, it’s necessary to have an expert report on the cause and scope of the issue.

Smart Flow Plumbing can perform inspections and provide reports that are specially structured to meet insurance industry requirements. Our reports are detailed, well organised and clearly written. We even provide photos and visual aids to enhance and clarify the content.

We can put together an insurance report on any issue that’s related to our areas of expertise, including:

-        Roof reports

-        Leak detection reports

-        CCTV drainage reports

-        Appliance reports

-        Balcony leakage reports

-        Reports on topics related to plumbing and drainage

While Smart Flow Plumbing’s insurance reports can help to define the scope and content of insurance claims, they can also be used to support builder’s warranty complaints and other legal actions.

Finally, Smart Flow Plumbing’s inspection reports can provide the information needed for maintenance planning and long-term budgeting, and can familiarise property owners with the condition and nature of the plumbing, drainage, roof and HVAC systems on their properties.

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