Leak Detection For Gas and Water – All Melbourne Suburbs

Smart Flow Plumbing proudly offer a comprehensive leak detection service all across Melbourne (and Victoria by arrangement).  If you are unfortunate and have a leak in your gas or water pipe then please call us first before you do anything!  Our highly trained leak detectors will isolate the exact location of your leak allowing for minimal disruption to your walls, floor and landscape.  We utilise only the latest leak detection equipment which is sure to guarantee an accurate result every time!  Call us on 0450 694 161 for further information.

About Leak Detection

Most pipes are located inside walls or floors. Damp or damaged interior walls or ceilings are often the first indication that there’s a burst or leaking pipe. However, the location of the water damage does not necessarily reveal the location of the leak.

Water can flow downward and horizontally through walls and ceilings before it finds a place to accumulate and soaks through the drywall or plaster. It would be a waste of effort and an unnecessary expense to tear up whole sections of your wall or floor looking for the source of the leak.

Rest assured that Smart Flow Plumbing’s qualified tradespeole are experts in leak detection. Once the leak has been located, fixing it is fairly straightforward and can be done with minimal damage to your home’s finishes. This saves time and money, and prevents unnecessary mess and waste.

Static Pressure Tests

Smart Flow Plumbing has equipment that can test the pressure in both hot and cold water pipes.  A detected drop on the pressure guage can indicate the presence of a leak.  By isolating the hot and cold water lines, it is possible to narrow down the location of the leaking or burst section of pipe.

Acoustic Testing

Once the general location of the leak has been determined through static pressure testing, acoustic testing can help to pinpoint leaks in the pipes. By analysing the propagation of sound in the area of the pipes, it is possible to locate leaks without having to tear up large areas of the walls or floors.

The same pressure testing and acoustic testing equipment that we use to locate leaks in water pipes can also be used to locate leaks in gas pipes.


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