Pipe & Cable Locating – Melbourne

Are you thinking of building an addition or performing a major renovation? Do you plan on re-grading or paving part of your property? Do you need to inspect, repair or locate your plumbing pipes or electrical cables?

Smart Flow Plumbing can locate your underground water, sewer and electrical services before you dig, whether it’s to make repairs to the pipes or cables or to make changes to the property.

Our comprehensive service is carried out by skilled tradesmen using sophisticated equipment and can accurately determine the location of:

  • sewerage
  • storm water
  • electrical cabling
  • water supply pipes

Even if you have access to the original site plan, sometimes the reality doesn’t match the design.

Smart Flow Plumbing can tell you where your gas pipes, water pipes, sewer pipes and electrical cables really are buried.  Call us on 0450 694 161.

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