Roof Condition Report – Melbourne

Roof condition reports can be as simple as a leak investigation or as complex as a full assessment, broken down by system, with projected repairs, maintenance, and replacements included.

You may wish to order a roof condition report for the following reasons:

-        To locate and repair leaks

-        When buying or selling a piece of property

-        To help plan your maintenance budget

-        To get an unbiased assessment before hiring a roofing contractor

Smart Flow Plumbing’s roof condition reports can address the condition of the roof membrane, as well as the condition and adequacy of the flashings, rooftop mechanical units, chimneys, vents, skylights, and drainage systems.

Roof Membranes

Smart Flow Plumbing can tell you the type and approximate age of your roof membrane, whether it’s roof tiles, slate or metal roofing.  We can estimate its remaining life expectancy and let you know if it requires maintenance or repair.

Mechanical and Electrical

We can report on the age and condition of any mechanical units that are located on your roof. We’ll also take a look at the condition and installation of any associated pipes.

Drainage Systems

Whether your roof has eaves, gutters or box gutters, we’ll check to make sure that they’re properly installed, in good condition, free of debris, and fully functional. We’ll let you know if your flat roof has an issue with ponding.

The Report

Our full roof report includes a run-down of the approximate size, location, age and condition of each system. Photos and explanations are included. We will list any problems we see, and tell you what needs to be done to remedy them. We’ll let you know approximately when to expect major costs in the future.

Insurance Analysis

If you have existing problems with your roof and need to know whether they’re due to weather, deferred maintenance, workmanship issues, or design flaws, then Smart Flow Plumbing can provide the information you need to complete your insurance claim.

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